Qui suis-je ?

My Story - Mickwho

I have no memories of the first time I did a 8+ hours flight because I was so young. It was summer of 1992 and I was traveling from native Paris, France to Miami, Florida. I was going away for the summer with my dear Pon-Pon (coolest grand mother) to visit my uncle.

Travel was always part of the family culture, my father lived in Senegal at 20. My sisters all lived away or abroad for a few years in places including, the China, the Reunion Island, London or the USA. Nothing seemed really far or scary, it simply seemed like a wide horizon to discover.

As I grew up, the thirst to discover and visit more places got bigger as I would to more places. In Europe at first as it was so close to home, but also in the USA and Asia.

In my teens, the choice was made. I’ll go live abroad whenever I would get the chance. I shaped my studies around it, and 2 months after getting my masters degree, I was on a place to start my first job out of college in South Florida.

Two years into this first work experience, I was curious to see more of the world and start a new challenge. Therefor, I decided to sell most of my belongings to start a trip in South America and further until I find somewhere I want to stay.

Why travel?

After a year and a half living on US soil my path is taking me elsewhere. I’m giving up on my job and my working visa to do what most people only dream of. Sell everything and go on an adventure. Travel for me, it’s not just about going places that are exotic, but also reflecting on my own and what I want to accomplish with my life. Working the 9 to 5 is not enough. Working for the paycheck (even big) is not enough. I’m hungry for exploration and discoveries and developing myself by being challenged and discovering new things constantly.

And what’s next?

Traveling is not an end of its own for me. I’m using this opportunity to discover new countries as well as learning a 3rd language and defining what will my future occupation will be and most importantly where. At this point, I’m considering moving back to Europe, Canada or South America.