Breathtaking view in Guatapé, Colombia

DAY 17 | Everything doesn’t have to be planned or perfect. Two cool guys from Arizona I just met invited me to tag along with them on a short trip. I packed my cameras, a bathing suit and 2 tee shirts literally to arrive in such a colorful town.
Loving the adventure and being on the unknown.

Getting to Guatapé from Medellin was a breeze. From our hostel we’ve headed towards the North bus terminal. From there, buses go to Guatapé every 20 minutes or so for 12,500 COP ($USD 4) one way. After 2 hours on the bus and a few friends made while chatting on the back seat, we arrived in this cute little town.

Guatapé has two main elements that makes up its charm. First the lagos (lakes) all around and the hills makes it a unique spot where you feel a relax mode right away. Aside from this, the city is pretty small (roughly 5000 people live there) and most houses are painted with bright colors.

From there, the main attraction is to climb La piedra to have an unique view of lakes and hills… particularly beautiful when you get there right before sunset.

To get a little adrenaline, we could not resist jumping off the bridge of the town.



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