Ceviche, Cuisine from Peru

Peru is a beautiful country with many sightseeing, from Machu Picchu to Cusco. However, this is not what got me very excited to travel. From my time in Colombia, everybody was telling me how good was the food in Peru. Fresh, tasteful and with a lot of sea food.

Thanks to my friend Maria, on arrival I was showed the best places to eat the local favorite, Ceviche! I would never say no to a meal in a fancy restaurant, but when traveling my go to are street food and markets where I find dishes and atmosphere very authentic.

The dish that got my heart here in Peru is definitely Ceviche.

It’s very simple, it starts with raw fish, which is then marinated in key lime juice and seasoned with salt & pepper as well as chili peppers. Top it off thinly cut onion and voilà, the classic ceviche dish is ready to go. You can find it with different combinations of seasoning or different type of fish depending on regions or taste.

Aside from being quite inexpensive, count for about $3 for a full dish, it is also very tasty and take be eaten without second thoughts about your diet!

If you want to get your hands dirty to please your tummy, here’s a legit Ceviche recipe that I didn’t try yet: RECIPE CLICK ME


My new friend Ramon preparing a dish.


Cilantro is a must have for a perfect Ceviche


Ceviche at its finest with sweet potatoe and chicharon.



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