Episode #25 – About stereotypes traveling abroad

Stereotypes, where do they come from?

Back in the days, (if you were born before the 90s) stereotypes would come from having dinner with your family, friends at school or stuff you saw on TV.

Today, media and particularly the internet are the new sources on conveying those stereotypes.

In other words, you get your stereotypes form whatever source you’re exposed to the most. Family, friends or media. Or all of them together. It doesn’t matter if they’re right or wrong. That’s what you get.

Traveling abroad, stereotypes or culture shock?

Starting to travel probably means you’re curious to discover the world. With that goes discovering and meeting new people.

Even though this is one of the most rewarding experience you’ll ever have, You’ll be faced with people having different habits, routines and visions than yours. You will learn a lot about yourself but you will also have to adapt to others to integrate better and understand their culture with ease.

Are stereotypes good or bad?

Most people with common sense agree that stereotypes are what they are and don’t apply to everybody. Some of them are even a little backward or outdated.

It’s not important fighting against them as they’re just stories and not based on any scientific studies.

Stereotyping the French People

Being French myself, I get to listen and remember better what is being said about my country.

To say the least, what I’ve been hearing after months on the road at a time and over 30 countries visited is that everything tends to be exaggerated. The French don’t shower? We don’t wear no underpants?

To me, most of it is based on fantasy and stories brought back home that got more and more added to it after the years.

The key to avoid them is to forge your opinion when you’re visiting the country.



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