Why I fell in love with São Paulo

Brazil most famous city, Rio, is the tourist dream. Year round warm weather, sandy beaches, stunning landscapes of hills and a good nightlife.

However, my heart was driven to São Paulo. The concrete jungle, often bypassed by tourists because it’s gray and unfriendly.

And what a mistake. SP is the cultural capital of Brazil and you feel it all around the city. From street art, to samba playing in bars at night. Most people I met in SP had a creative side to them, either photo, music, dancing, painting, poetry… They sure were all open to art in a wide sense.

The reason I came to SP is O.Bra, a Street-art festival organised for the first time in the city. As I was on a tour of the best cities in Street Art of South America I had to be there for that.

As I arrived, I started volunteering on the team which was one of the best experience of my trip. For the first time, I was only surrounded by locals (perfect to learn the Portuguese basics).

With its landscape, the city offers such a playground for artists to express themselves on the walls. For that, it always been a good place for graffiti.



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